"Actually, it’s all about you. I merely serve as a conduit to help mold your desires and create the home you have always imagined."


"It’s always my customers who inspire me; who they are, family, lifestyles, hobbies, etc; all serve as navigation to what that space needs."



Carmen worked in San Francisco's Design Center as an NKBA certified kitchen designer since 1999. An eco warrior at heart, became a a certified advanced green build professional through Build It Green, and has lectured on the health hazzards of using toxic products for the home. She originally studied interior design in her hometown Barcelona. When asked about her work, she says "I make people's dreams come true". After a 2 year sabbatical in Spain, her desire to grow in a small community came true when son Jordi who moved to Tahoe area in 2002 suggested Grass Valley, to be closer to each other.



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